Camping Dos and Donts - Essential Tips For Camping


Camping dos and donts 

Are you planning to go on some trip?Are you travelling freak? Do you want to try camping on your next trip? Then the autumn with its wonderful weather condition is the idle season for camping.  The crispy cool morning and the chill evening are idle for a campfire and chatting.

Camping is the fantastic activity, as through this we welcome the new opportunities and get a chance to connect with our loving ones. There are several benefits of camping from health to the mental relief. Camping is proven as the best way to relieve the stress. Some of the major benefits of camping are enlisted below. 

Why is camping a better to try?  

  •        Camping adds problem-solving attitude in your personality, as in camping to come across the new experience and challenges. The experience makes you strong enough to face difficulties and make your brain strong enough to take a quick decision. 
  •      In our daily life, you use to sleep under the artificial lights, while during the camping we come across the natural dark light cycle, which over the natural and stress-free sleep. This nature lap sleep is very crucial for our health. 
  •      During camping, we spend most of our time under the sun, as more catching the sun rays enable us to take more amount of vitamin D. sun exposure is directly linked to mental health and helps us to improve mood.
  •     In our busy schedule, we didn’t spare time for exercise, so the solution is camping. While camping you can explore the new place and wander from one place to another is equivalent to the exercise.
  •       Camping is long way helps to improve the mood, as spending out time with family and friend refresh your mood. Or if you are nature lover then the peaceful and silent environment give you the internal satisfaction.

The DO’s of doing camping 

1 1. 1Plan your trip thoroughly 

Always plan your trip thoroughly, as going out in boondocks without any preplanning can create trouble for you and your surroundings. Every time pack proper amount of food and drinks so that you can utilize them on the way.  
Proper accommodation should be planned before visiting any place. Always try to keep the important gear, which you need during sleep and rest, so that you can travel in your comfort zone.

   2. 2. Be aware at all times. 

Always be aware of your surrounding and try to be with your companion all the time. Be aware of your stepping, as one of your missteps can sprain or strain your ankle or even break it.

3 3. 3. Always carry the essential things. 

This will the best time of your life and you are going to enjoy a lot this time. It better to be a clever camper, so keep your wet weather gear, pillow, blankets, clothes and foods with you.
The best camping cooler is available in the market in which you can store your eatables. These are very beneficial during the long distance travelling, as you can carry your favourite eatable in it. 

4 4. 4. Click more and more videos and pictures

Pictures are the best way to capture memories, but if you ask me pictures the outdated ways. You must try videos, I am not saying videos only but one should more focus upon videos rather than pictures. You can visit the beach canopy to click the pics and make your trip memorable.

55. 5. Follow the campsite rules. 

If you do not follow the campsite rule, then you must end up with the hospital. Rules are for your safety, if you are trying to override the rules then you may get hurt or some else get hurt by your silly mistake.

The Don’ts while you do camping 

11. 1. Don’t leave campfires burning

Wildfires are scary, deadly and a complete wastage of natural resources. The small step to put out your campfire can save the natural resource.

22. 2. Don’t pitch your tent wherever you please. 

Always pitch your tent in a protected place, which is away from side rain and wind so that disaster could not hit you during the night. During the bad climatic condition stay away from ditches, low lying valley, and rivers, as they may rise and destroy your tent.

33. 3. Don’t be noisy neighbours. 

All of us hate the noisy neighbour, so why to be like them. Camping is perfect when you’re relaxing and no staying awake for night parties, as this disturbs your other crew member, so always be a good crew member and manage your time well for the party.

44. 4. Don’t leave your food scraps and spills lying around. 

Bear is the most common searched food at night. Always use proper dustbin to dump the waste food. One should know how to keep the food safe so that you should not face its consequences tomorrow.

55. 5. Don’t make a new campsite. 

Avoid making new campsite, as it quite difficult to build new rather than using what other had made. As all the work is done for you, you just have to take the benefit of it and construct a campsite without destroying the environment.

66. 6. Don’t take your dog

An untrained dog at camping can cause disaster, as it can be a nuisance to you and fellow camp, especially barking dogs. If your dog is even trained think before you taking it on a camping trip.

Final Words

So, remember the above tips while you plan to do camping the next time you visit any favorite tourist destinations. We hope that you liked our article. Share this great piece of info with your friends and relatives. What are you still thinking? Go and try camping as soon as you can. Make your own people ready to accompany you on this great, fun loving and adventurous trip. You are sure to have great enjoyment. 

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