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IHerb Reviews 

Iherb is a famous retailer of California and Kentucky in the USA, operating since 1996. It is widely known for the top quality natural products having more than 30,000 in stock and covers 1, 200 plus popular brands. With more than 10 years in service, iherb is popular among millions of customers in various parts of the world and provides shipping facilities to 150 different countries.

Products by Iherb

Iherb is specialized in supplying herbal supplements. The following sections give a brief about their products along with audience iherb reviews.

Iherb reviews

1. Herbs & Homeopathy

It includes herbal capsules, tablets, edible powders, liquid syrups, natural herbs, Chinese herbs, and special herbs advisable for children.

Audience review:

Iherb reviews for medicinal products are excellent having a response of 5/5. Customers using the products have mostly reacted positively and recommended them to be wonderful for curing lymph related problems, diabetes, kidney problems, swollen gland problems, and the quality of homeopathy products is purely diluted with no side effects. 

2. Bath & Personal Care

It includes pure herbal products for bathing, body care, and skin care like Oils for Aromatherapy; Scrubs, soaps, oils, salts for bathing; Body wash and shower gel, daily use personal stuff like Sunscreens, deodorants, sanitizers, and many more.

Audience Iherb Reviews:

Iherb reviews for the Bath and Personal care products have received a response of 4/5. Consumers have mostly praised about the skin care products especially the Epsom salt which has made their skin smooth while many have spoken about the English salt relieving their pain feet, classroom salt for balancing the body pressures and many more.

3. Beauty Products

It is perfect for enhancing women’s beauty bidding a goodbye to the cosmetic products. It contains beauty products for all skin types like Cleansing and Toning products, Natural ingredients like Vitamin C, Tea tree oil, Salicylic acid etc for beauty treatments, makeup kits, moisturizers, creams etc.
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Audience Review

Iherb reviews for the beauty products have received a response of 4.5/5. Some customers are highly impressed with the quality of Olive oil having Vitamin E find it to be extremely light and absorbing in the skin, Some satisfied about the body creams and wishing them to have in bulk amount while some are praising about the vitamin capsules for hair which have helped largely in their hair growth.

4. Sports

This section includes all the natural products required for bodybuilding especially for athletes and the fitness enthusiasts. It includes edible protein substances, making bone and joints stronger, formulas and capsules for muscle builders, sports supplements, accessories, and other workout enhancing products.

Audience Review

Iherb reviews for the sports products have received a response of 4.3/5. Many have praised about the protein substances helping them burn out excess fats keeping a balanced weight, many love the munchkin sports cup enjoying a fun dink, many are crazy about the multivitamin tablets enhancing their performance in sports, while many love the protein powders helping them gain strength and feel energetic.

5. Grocery

Iherb includes excellent natural grocery products like baking Powders, Soaps/Bars, Butters and preservatives, Cereals, Fruits and vegetables, Nuts, herbs, and Spices etc.

Audience review

Iherb reviews for household items have received a response of 4.5/5. Customers are highly satisfied with the breakfast and snacks items like organic Popcorn, Ginger Slices, and the nuts too like the roasted almonds. People are in love with the vegan pantry of iherb.

6. Baby and Kids

Iherb never fails to care for your babies with its array of exclusive natural baby products like Accessories, Bath-Hair-Skin products, vitamins and minerals for children’s growth, baby feeding accessories, cereals, maternity products etc.

Audience review

Iherb reviews for kids items have received a very good response of 4.7/5. Moms are fond of the cookies and crackers loved by their kids, some are loving the cheese and grain snacks for their kids, many have praised about the Vitamin D3 drops for reducing their baby’s hair fall, while many have praised about the baby shampoos being absolutely light having a sweet fragrance.

Offers and Discounts

Iherb is always loaded with numerous offers and discounts categorized in different sections. The offers of 2018 till now has been- 5% starting discounts for the first order to 11% off on entire purchase, 15 % off weekly based on brands, 10% off for Collagen products, 42% off on Citrus bergamot veggie capsules, 44 % off on Glutathione Veggie capsules, 22% off on personal care items, and highest 79% off on Enzymedica ATPro capsules.

Iherb, especially for the Singapore citizen, have come with iherb promo code sg so that they can purchase necessary vitamins and supplements which are normally very expensive in Singapore. It is offering additional 5 % discounts on iherb promo codes giving a chance to save $5 on the purchase, 10% discount on honey products, 20% discount on brands sale, 10% discount for baby and Kids products.

Conclusion - Iherb Reviews

iherb reviews till now have received an enormously positive response making it one of the best sites selling natural products. The positive iherb review and huge discount facilities are enough to build confidence among customers to look for more.

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