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For many Perfect Good Transport companies this summer season has already started, which means that once a week, and maybe more often, you go out of town, taking with them all the necessary tools for summer work. And do you know how to transport goods, especially heavy or bulky cargo? Driving instruction involves considering situations of cargo transportation, but not all drivers know exactly what kind of cargo and how it can be transported. Let's consider some common situations in cargo transportation.

Perfect Good Transport

Tips for the transport of goods Instruction for the transport of goods by car

Often, freight transport companies carry heavy and dangerous goods, without even thinking that it threatens the integrity of other people's property, as well as life and health of people. However strange it may sound, but before transporting an object, you need to look at the instruction manual of your car to understand how much weight and size of objects are allowed for transportation on a particular vehicle.

The Use of the Cars

Despite the fact that many car owners already have experience in the transportation of different kinds of cargo, their actions are not always right. With the Free Freight Search you can have the best deals now.There is a classification of goods, depending on the type of material and the rules of transportation. Basically it is a building material.

Country shipping rules

  1. When transporting lumber, remember that at a time you can take no more than five boards, otherwise there is a risk of damage to the trunk and other parts of the car.

  2. When transporting metal pipes it is important to avoid friction with the body of the car , creating a rubber gap between the load and the surface of the machine.

  3. When transporting plywood sheets and poly carbonate, it should be remembered that this is one of the most dangerous types of cargo. Accordingly, it is necessary to comply with the speed regime, reliably fix the load and do not forget about the maximum permissible load weight.

General rules for the carriage of goods:

There are also general rules for the carriage of goods, regardless of the type of car:

    1. When transporting goods, it is necessary to go slowly, and also to avoid sudden movements.

    2.  The load must be firmly fixed, even if the distance to which it is carried is small.

    3. .It is necessary to use special materials for fastening, avoiding improvised means (for example, rigging ropes).

    4.  It is necessary to check the condition of the trunk before and after the shipment.

  5It must be remembered that during the acceleration of a car loaded with heavy objects, fuel consumption increases.

On some cars an additional trunk is installed, while the design and weight of the car does not provide for this, or they fix the load more than the permissible norm. This is especially true of modern cars, the upper part of which simply is not designed to withstand the significant weight of the cargo being carried.

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