Facebook Research App- Earn 1000$ per month (Unlimited Loot)


What is Facebook Research App?

On Google Play Store, you must have seen a number of applications offering you free mobile talk time, PayTM cashback etc. These applications provide free benefits to its users as they collect the data and user experience from users' smartphones. Sometimes all these happen without the permission or acknowledgement of the users. Recently these data collection policies landed Facebook in a huge trouble and spoilt its reputation in the market. After the implementation of the stringent laws and government involvement Facebook is facing hurdles in data collection so they came up with the idea of Facebook Research Applause programme where the user will get paid for sharing the data and user experience with Facebook with the help of installation of this application.

Facebook research app

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Is Facebook Research app safe to use (any privacy leakage problem)?

Yes, Facebook Research App is very safe to use. Facebook’s this new innovation is completely based upon the transparency. After receiving the strong backlash and the consistent downfall in its stock price, Facebook is much more worried about the privacy and confidentiality of its user’s data than the users itself. With the help of Facebook Research Applause program, Facebook came forward to re-build the confidence of its users on its innovations.

Is there any problem with our privacy?

No, the Facebook Research Applause program is coming up with the complete transparency. It will collect the data and user experience with prior permission. Since users are pretty much aware that their data is being shared with Facebook so the question of compromise with privacy doesn’t arise at all.

 Why Facebook research app pay more to users?

Since the Facebook research app loot is at the initial stage, so to gain a momentum growth Facebook is paying more. As the number of users will increase the rates will start declining. Compare this scenario with YouTube monetisation scheme, you’ll automatically find the answer to this question.

How to Join Facebook Research app?

Step1: Its an referral program. You need to invited by someone else,
We do it for you,

Fill this form , Facebook research app signup .
Or whats your mail id , age and name -  8667285074 

Step2: For more details to join Facebook research app


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