WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for IOS & Android


Hello Guys, Welcome back again. This time I am back with the whatsapp tips and tricks for Android as well as for IOS devices. As you know compaired to the modified whatsapp, the original whatsapp has very less features. But here I will share some of the tips which you can use in the original whatsapp. So simply follow the below steps and learn whatsapp tips and tricks for both android and IOS.
WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

This trick is necessary especially when you are staying or traveling and you receive a message that can not be answered on the spot, so do not forget to answer later, we can mark this message as unread after 'to have read.

As for me, I do it all the time if I have an important message that I will like to read again later.

IOS : Discussion> Drag from left to right> Mark as unread Android : long press the message> Open menu> Mark as unread
Record the data consumption
If you have a limited data allocation and you do not want WhatsApp to consume everything, you've got the solution.

You can customize when media is allowed to be downloaded from your device as well as make sure that calls use the least amount of data possible.

IOS and Android : Settings> Using Data

Hide Messages
If you have already passed your phone to a friend and have instantly panicked on the messages they might see in your account or if you often leave your smartphone to everyone, it is sure that you will one day ask how to hide your Whatsapp discussions without deleting them.

For iPhone users, you can disable the display of messages on iOS, so that only the name of the contact will appear rather than their life story.

In Android, it's not possible to hide messages with the WhatsApp app, but you can archive them instead and stop displaying private information on your lock screen in Android. Here is the article that talks in detail about how to hide Whatsapp messages .

You can also find out more on the official Apkzoo website to learn more

IOS : Settings> Notifications> Toggle

Hide the profile picture
You may not want everyone to see your profile picture, especially if you are in more than one group where you do not know all the members of the group. Or maybe you prefer to be a little mysterious to keep your privacy during the day. Anyway, you can choose if everyone, no one or only your contacts can see your profile picture.

Nothing is more difficult to hide WhatsApp Profile Picture

IOS and Android : Settings> Account> Privacy> Profile picture

Then choose the option that you think is important and check it to validate your choice.

[Android] Create a shortcut of a conversation
Do you have a few extra special people you talk to throughout WhatsApp? We all have it in common. You can create a shortcut for specific conversations on Android, making it easier to access the chats you need all the time.

Android : Chat> Specific Chat> Menu> More> Add Shortcut or Chat> Hold down Individual Chat> Menu> Add Conversation Shortcut

[iOS] Mark important messages
Some messages are more important than others. These messages can be flagged and easily found in the Featured Messages section.

IOS : Cats> Specific Discussion> Specific Message> Double Press or Hold and Tap the Star

Android : Chat> Specific Chat> Specific Message> Hold down and tap the star

Send a public message in private
Sometimes we have a single message that we want to send to several people, so it can be a bit of a joke to write the same message to everyone one after the other. You can send a broadcast message to a list of contacts with whom it appears as if you have requested them individually. Ideal to save time.

IOS : Discussion> Mailing Lists> New List> Add Contacts

Android : Discussion> Menu> New Broadcast

When was your message read?
There is nothing more annoying than seeing these blue ticks appear unanswered after a short time. If you want to torture yourself a bit more and know when your message has actually been read and how long you have been ignored by your cntact before responding to you, you can by reading these essential Whatsapp iPhone & Android tips.

I do not recommend it, though, because it usually makes you nervous.

IOS : Discussion> Specific Discussion> Specific Message> Swipe from left to right

Android : Discussion> Specific Discussion> Specific Message> Press and hold> Tap the "i" icon at the top of the page

Customize notifications
There may be some contacts that you want to know instantly if they call you or if they send you a message. To make sure they do not get confused in the crowd of your contacts you can change their specific alert tones so that you recognize that this person has sent you a message or a call on Whatsapp.

IOS and Android : Discussion> Specific Chat> Tap the contact name at the top> Custom Notifications

That's done ! You know the tips Whatsapp iphone & Android essential. If you liked this article, you can share it with your friends on social networks.

Conclusion: These are some of the whatsapp tips and tricks for both android as well as IOS. Feel free to share your experience about these tips and tricks. Share this post with your friends and family.


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