How to get rid of Bad Computer Posture

Hello everyone or I can say computer geeks, after working or playing games on PC or laptop you might face a problem of neck pain and back pain, then the most probably you have a bad posture of sitting. So, if this is your problem then you are at a right place today I will tell you the “six easiest way to get rid of bad computer posture” that will help you to get rid of the pain. 

1. Start with your seat:
The first and the most important thing is to change your seat setting according to your comfort. You should consider these things while sitting on the chair:
While sitting on the chair your feet should be on the level of chair or lower than that, but most importantly your feet’s should flat on the floor or ground while sitting. 
Your spine should be straight with the back of your chair and if armrest gets in the way remove them or get the new chair.

2. Monitor height:
The second again the important thing is to set your monitor height according to your comfort. Few things that you should consider while setting the height of your monitor:
The height of the monitor should be at the same level of your eye, if it’s lower you might down your neck to look at the screen or vice versa.
If you are a laptop user then you should definitely put your laptop on your desk and do your work, as while working on laptop your neck always down which can cause neck pain and headache.

3. Uncross your legs:
The proper posture says that your legs should flat on the floor. Here are some good tips to adopt:
If you are sitting with cross leg and feel comfortable then you should definitely change your habit because this is the sign of bad posture and can cause back pain. Try to do every time you remember.
Try to place your both leg flat on the floor while sitting and if you think that you can’ t do this then do whenever you remember it, as after sometimes it will become a habit.

4. Roll your shoulder back:
Another important thing you should adopt that roll your shoulder back, as while working our neck comes forward and make our posture bad. Here are some tips you can do:
If you are working for a short period of time in a day then it will be ok for you and if you are working long day then you should adopt thing to improve your posture or lighten your use.
Stretch your shoulder up towards your ears, roll them back and relax them. Don’t put a strain on your shoulders it should be feeling relaxed.

5. Desk exercise:
You should definitely give a try to desk exercise to improve your poster. There are lots of desk exercise to make your posture perfect like:
You should stand up for a while and go for a walk, this will reduce strain on the muscles and definitely improve your posture.
Don’t use for typing messages and mail, that will cause neck pain and can damage your overall posture. You should always try to write mail and messages on Desktop, to reduce neck pain.

6. Take lots of breaks :
You might think what I am talking about taking lots of breaks while working, can distract you but no my dear friend that not true. Here are some points for that:
You should take a break in every 20 minutes and stretch yourself to make your muscles relaxed because if your muscles are under stress then will cause pain and this will distract you from your work.

You should take at least 2 minutes and maximum 5 minutes of break in every 20 minutes, this will also help good blood pumping and loosen you tighten muscles. This will also prevent a vision problem, as we are not looking on the screen for a long period of time.
So, these are the best six-way to get rid of your bad posture. Technology helps us in every way we should take benefits from it but not sacrificing our health. If you like the article don’t forget to check
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