See What Kind Of A Traveller You Are According To Your Zodiac!


There are many out there who believe in Zodiac and many who don’t but for the ones who do, ever thought how your zodiac sign can say about the kind of traveller you are? Not only about you but also about the ones you are travelling with, wondered what kind of traveller they are? The point here is it’s not necessary that you all mingle well when it’s about a trip, she might have different opinion and attitude which might not suit you. So in this case zodiac can help, it can let you read about the kind of traveler the person you planning to travel with is. 
So now when you know about all the travel traits of the specific zodiac sign, book a cheap air ticket from USA to India to wisely chose the best travel partner for you next vacations. Read further to know how!

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Aries, March 21 to April 19

Aries are known to be the most active traveller and they are the kind who love to travel solo and to the places least travelled. They love adventure activities like rock climbing, mountaineering, rafting, trekking, skiing etc. If you are travelling with Aries make your mind to run fast as they will take the fastest route and the fastest means to reach their destination as soon as possible. They just can’t wait much. Aries are never gonna adjust according to your plan so, you’ll have to adjust according to theirs. They rarely travels with family, instead prefer company full of thrill and enthusiasm.

Taurus, April 20 to May 20

Taurus are good planners, they even when travelling are lost in their own world. They like to make their own castle. Travelling with a Taurus will be smooth and fun as they will stick by the plan and are not lazy at all. Instead they are restless and full of energy. So what’s best is, you can blindly rely on them even if you are travelling to some place never explored before. They are stubborn but hold a patient nature too and also are practical to the real world. They are creative in natural and thus all through the way they will indulge into creative activities like writing, drawing, tasting new things etc etc. You’ll get to learn a lot of new things with them.

Gemini, May 21 to June 20

They are generous in nature and so love travelling with their family and friends. Gemini are the most adaptable persons one will come across and a travel plan with them really is a great idea. They love to be inside the hustle bustle of the city and thus if you are with them you’ll have to stick to the city traditional things as they love to witness it. You may even end up wearing traditional outfits with them and end up trying local food and drinks. They are adjustable and will give you memories to cherish later.

Cancer, June 21 to July 22

Man here is a sailor and the lady a mermaid. Yes, this kind loves to be near water. This is the reason why they love travelling to beaches. A cancer will always be in favour of a trip to Kerala, Bali, Maldives r Hawaii. Cancer people love to revisit same place to cherish their old memories. So there might be chance that you end up being in the same place you were a month ago or a year. Cancer people doesn’t like to hp around and thus they need proper tour packages, all customized according to their own taste.

Leo, July 23 to August 22

If you wanna travel with Leo, you must travel in style. They are the kind who wish to have a holiday, full of luxuries. They refrain from hazardous holidays like skiing, trekking, biking etc. They love to have royal and majestic holidays. So you might end up to a city palace in Udaipur with all the royal stuff if you are travelling with a Leo. They love music and love to travel in groups. Also they can plan a vacation to a big concert.

Virgo, August 23 to September 22

If you going with a Virgo somewhere be prepared to have everything perfect and as planned because they are the kind who do not want to go out of what they have planned. They are strict even with the hotel room. If the hotel room is not the same way it was shown in pictures, you run for your life because they might get behind yours. Thus if you are travelling with a Virgo you’ll not miss on anything as they would have get their homework already done.

Libra, September 23 to October 22

Libra people love to travel to a balanced environment where they can have both baking and bit. They love to go to places where things are organized, Libra people don’t like mess. They are although open to meeting new persons but also prefer people who are close and sweet to them. They even are fond of travelling in group and do not desire of any grandeur. They like simple travelling with least luxury. Libra loves to try out unique things, so be ready for the same. Have lots of fun, try on new things and be a little generous around them.

Scorpio, October 23 to November 21

They like to be a bit reserved while travelling. Their vacation time is for romance. They are curious travelers and love to dig into the matter. They rather prefer a structured and well planned vacation instead of an unexpected and unplanned weekend escape. They are philosophical and passionate travelers. Travelling with them, you’ll have to be ready for some challenges and stuffs.

Sagittarius, November 22 to December 21

They are the most talkative ones you’ll come across but they prefer peace when travelling. So when they are quiet, let them be, do not dare to interfere, else you will end up ruining the trip. They love both leisure and adventure holidays. But one bad thing about them is, they are not a good planners so one cannot rely upon them when it comes to plan the trip. Such burden are not their cup of tea as they are free spirit. They seek for peace when travelling and thus avoid and escape crowd.

Capricorn, December 22 to January 19

Travelling with a Capricorn be sure of having a good time. These are the people you love to have everything organized and feels good in the company of hi fi people. They thus prefer people who are knowledgeable and are organized. They love to spend time in malls and in places where everything is easily available at one place. So they will not stop by a stop instead will look for the city’s local market or a mall.
They like outdoor activities and unexpected things.

Aquarius, January 20 to February 18

They be happy with a spa holiday at Kerela, in fact that motivates them much. Their interests varies when it comes to traveling but the seek for leisure holidays more. They have this tendency to co relate the scene they are witnessing with of a movie scene. They are a good planner but at the same time depends on the co partner to plan the trip. They hardly travel solo.

Pieces, February 19 to March 20

They love to be simple as their nature is. They are the kindest traveler you’ll ever meet. It’s like even when they are traveling they are ready to help all, even if they come across any injured animal or bird, they will stop by to help and provide them with aid. Pieces do not have a specific choice when it comes to picking up a destination, they love both adventure and leisure but the sure thing is, wherever they go, they’ll look for peace. So be ready for a vacation to Lakshadweep Island or to some exotic place if you are planning it with a Pieces. 

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