Best 2018 Content Printable Calendar Template

Here at CoSchedule we follow the philosophy of organizing your work, then working your plan.

And for content creators, there is no better organizational hub than a well-planned content calendar.

When your entire strategy is intended out on a single calendar, it's a lot easier to stay organized, focus on deadlines, and be more productive.

Now that we're deep into 2018 marketing planning season, you're thinking about your strategy for the new year.

In fact, we'd be willing to bet at least one of these describes your present situation:

You are beginning to plan out your content marketing strategy for the new year. Working ahead is working smart.
You have made the resolution to get more organized. You'll thank yourself for that choice later.
Or, maybe you're flying by the seat of your trousers, wishing you had a tool that could corral your articles. If so, you've come to the right location.
In any circumstance, a content calendar should be a key part of your organizational strategy.

There's a reason major publishers use editorial calendars to organize content during the year.

In this post, we will demonstrate how you can build one and keep it full all through 2018.

 Download Your Free 2018 Content Calendar Template + Bonus Resources

Build your entire content calendar and program everything in the best times with these guides and templates:

2018 Calendar Template to map out your content all through the year.
Printable Paper Content Calendar Template If You Would like to go old-school.

Plus, we've included four bonus content scheduling templates and infographics to help publish every piece of content at the best time.

Snag your free templates used for your official purpose (Like Fax Cover Sheet, Bill of Sale Templates etc) as well as personal purpose (like Daily Calendar Template) today, and then keep reading to learn how to utilize 'em.

Content Calendar SpreadSheet

What's a Content Calendar?

There are a great deal of different kinds of advertising calendars out there.

You might see them called a "blog calendar," or a "social networking calendar," or an "editorial calendar."

Their basic purpose is the same regardless of what they're called, though.

For the purposes of the post, here is the definition we'll work with:

Here are three common types of content calendar:

This is the old-school hardcopy solution. Excel and Google Sheets may be cost-effective tools for building marketing calendars.

We'll be back with more such articles.

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