Mani Ratnam to bring together Rajini, Kamal?

Mani Ratnam to bring together Rajini
Mani Ratnam has revealed that he had the idea of bringing together Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan, the two top stars of Tamil cinema, for a movie. "But it did not develop further. It remained as just an idea," he said.
Elaborating, Mani said, "Because, it is difficult to zero in on a right story. If I want to make a film with Kamal, it should better 'Nayagan'. Likewise, I should find a better script than 'Thalapathi' for Rajini. With this being the case, it is really difficult to find a script that would bring both of them together."

 On 'OK Kanmani', which has hit the screens today, the ace filmmaker said, "It is about today's youngsters, who want to break free from all rules. They just don't want to be controlled."

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