Kaaki sattai review 2.5/5


                     Playing a cop is an important step in the career of any aspiring mass hero and with Kaaki Sattai, Sivakarthikeyan ticks this box. The actor has already endeared himself to the masses with his first class comedy timing, boy next door image and energetic screen presence. In Kaaki Sattai, Siva sports the police uniform and looks pretty fit as a constable with positive intent.

                   In the movie, it is the comedy element which takes prominence. The likes of Imman Annachi, Mayilsamy and Siva himself keep churning out the laughs and the popular Harahara Mahadevaki gig is a major spike in the proceedings. In the second half, when Mano Bala enters the scene, the film meanders a little. The comedy portions also seem extended more than needed.  

                  Though the villain starts strong, he gets cliched towards the end. We have a few interesting investigative scenes, some pawns being eliminated along the way and the final showdown with the hero. We don't get immersed, as intended.

                  The placement of the songs leaves a lot to be desired. 3 numbers come in quick succession in the first half and we have the quintessential 'kuthu' number before the climax kicks in. Though visually rich and pleasing thanks to DoP Sukumar and featuring good dance moves, the songs give the audience more than the required breather.

                   Among the other actors, Prabhu's majestic screen presence, Sridivya's glossy appearance in the songs and Vijay Raaz's understated style make a mark. Manobala and Vidyullekha Raman continue to be typecast.

                   Anirudh has done his part with the songs which are already quite popular, and the background score is surely a backbone. The required impetus is given to the heroic moments, the sentimental sojourns and the investigative scenes, by the youngster's score.

                   We start feeling the run time of the film when it doesn't race to a convincing end. The director Durai has eyed a proper star vehicle for Sivakarthikeyan banking on the actor's inherent comedic abilities while also giving him the push and required build-up as an action hero. Siva is earnest, dances very well, has the screen presence, puts in lot into the stunts and breezes through the comedy scenes as usual. Though you don't feel bored, a more serious handling of the central theme could have helped the film better.

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