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Selena Gomez and Zedd, are spending Valentine’s Day together leaving poor Justin Bieber out in the cold. The DJ plans on going all out with romantic gestures on V-Day, which just might make her forget all about her ex forever!

ZEDD, 28, seems to treat Selena Gomez, 25, really well, and on Feb. 14, she hopes the music producer will do that and more showering his muse with chocolates, flowers and of course passion. We have exclusively  learned that the reported lovebirds will spend the most romantic day of the year together, which could officially push Justin Bieber 20, out of the picture for good!
 Selena Gomez & Zedd Valentine’s Day: Is Justin Bieber Out Of the Picture?
The love triangle between Selena and her new and old beaus, Zedd and Justin Bieber respectively, could be over depending on who she deems her Valentine!
 Well,  has exclusively learned that Zedd could shut Justin out of her life forever is he whole-heartedly embraces the “Heart Wants What It Wants” singer on Feb. 14.
On Valentine’s Day, Zedd “can seal the deal with her if he really brings it with the romance, she really wants to be loved and Zedd has a real good chance to be the man, the balls in his court.”
Justin Bieber- SINGLE                 In many ways, Zedd has an advantage over Justin since he has been in the studio with Sel for their highly anticipated hit, “I Want You to Know”.
              “The thing that is helping Zedd right now is that he is spending tons of time with her thanks to the song. He has been showing her that he is the right guy because he is really nice, fun and creative,” confirms our insider.

Justin Bieber- SINGLE

 Is Selena Gomez “Totally Moving On” From Justin Bieber?

 So if Zedd pulls out all of the stops for his rumored lady-love, does that mean its game over for Justin?
 “  She will always love Justin and there is still something there but the relationship with Zedd has really made her let go and the chance of her totally moving on from him is likely,” our insider EXCLUSIVELY tell us. Sorry Jelena fans!
  Selena seems eager to embrace her fresh new chapter with her new man, but will Justin reach out to his on-again off-again ex-girlfriend or has he lost all hope to ever be the Harrt to her Sally? 

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