India won the match by 76 runs

India won the match by 76 runs & Virat Kohli is the Man of the Match

                    India will next take on one of the favourites to win the tournament, South Africa, at Melbourne Cricket Ground on January 22nd. On the other hand, Pakistan will face the West Indies in their next match in Christchurch on January 21st.

                   Kholi :  'Well, it's probably one of the biggest awards I've had in my career right now. Just an amazing way for us to kick-off the World Cup. Very important pressure game against Pakistan and we always get a great fight from them. It's a high-pressure game and it's good to get that one under the belt. It's a really big compliment. Expectations are always high. I just hate losing and I want to win every game. It's very tough to focus for such a game. My role in the team is to bat through and the powe-hitter around me can come and play their game. The way Suresh and Shikhar batted was excellent. The support has been great. It's been too loud for MS to reach out to the players at times. Thanks for the support guys.'   .
                  Dhoni: 'It was a very good performance. It was started by the batsmen. I was very happy with our batting. When you are batting first, it's not easy, especially in the first 10 overs here, but it starts to get better after that. That long stand between Virat and Shikhar was crucial. Overall, we accelerated at the right time. The 8-10 day break in the middle was important. Of course the start of the World Cup gets you going. A lot of people have come in from India. I think the Australians were wondering what's happening. I don't control my emotions, it's there and it's just that I don't want to be over expressive on the field.'

            Misbah: 'I think they played really well. They posted a good total and bowled really well. I think the pitch was really good and the quality of batting they have, they played really well. Our bowlers came back well at the end. Two, three batsmen never got in and got out in the first couple of balls. Now you just have to look forward and can't look at this game. We need to try and get the momentum and confidence back.'

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