I admire Narendra Modi: Arnold Schwarzenegger


                           It's no secret that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has created a dedicated fan following for himself internationally. So when Arnold Schwarzenegger recently lauded Modi for his efforts at the 15th edition of TERI's Delhi Sustainable Development Summit, it was hardly a surprise. The former California governor praised Modi for his efforts of bringing a solar revolution in Gujarat and expressed the hope that with him leading the country, India would see more environmental-friendly steps being taken.

                     "I have admired PM Narendra Modi and watched him very carefully since the time he was the chief minister of Gujarat. He started the solar revolution in India and came up with the idea of covering the canals with solar panels, and took a strong stance when it came to environmental issues," Schwarzenegger said, adding, "My dream is that he continues with the kind of mentality that's beneficial to the environment, since he is now a national leader. I also hope he comes to Paris for the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in November, because he could bring about great change. I admire him and I hope he will continue in the same way that he has done in the past."

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