Free domain name

Free domain name:

Are you seeking for Free domain name? (watch this tutorial in video also how to get free domain.)

Free domain name Today lots of web hosting  service will provide paid domain . But will provide 2 free domain per one account. After get your domain configure  with your blog and start earning!
If you are new to blogging and you don't know hoe to configure the domain ID with blog. Then follow the simple steps


     1)  Click it ! then you redirect to the website

     2)  Next sign up by providing the original details

     3)  And click create my account.

     4)  Now you become one of the member of, website then select your domain ID.

     5)  Then click register domain, now you get your domain ID then configure it with your               
          Appropriate  blog (Blogger, Tumbler).
     6)  Now go to Your blog -setting- basic ,then click  third party web address .

     7)  Then copy your Domain ID  and paste in the box with www (

           click save , then it show some error .

     8 )  Now you have verify your ID with DNS system(copy the name & destination     

            that given in  your   blog  and paste it in your DNS ( )website).     
      9)  Now click create  verification name in DNS website ( ) and click save in your blog.

     10) Then again click edit button in blog web address and tick the redirect button and click save.

     11)  Finally you have test your domain address in DNS ( website  by clicking Test your domain, then it redirect to your blog .


  Domain names :

                       I suggest some websites to get free domain names for one year

 Now you can apply for Google ad sense with your new domain ID and get approval within a week .
 And sorry for my poor description! for better description watch this vedio how to get free domain.

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