Last week it was Shamitabh and now it’s Anegan, Back to back hit movies from Dhanush in a row. Exclusive Anegan review, rating will be provided here, 

               Anegan a different concept movie from the director K.V Anandh. We all knew his movie do take the movies to a next level and his movie does the same. With the music of "Harris Jayaraj the movie turned out to be a thriller, sci-fi, mystery, love and a romantic (for " navarasa nayagan" Karthik)  film overall ,also packed with lot of excitement and action.

                The entire cast and crew of the Anegan set has done a splendid job, Heroine Amyra Dastur is a new face to tamizh industry but well known from “Isaaq” Movie. AGs productions had joined second time with KV Anandh after the movie “Maattraan”.

                " navarasa nayagan"Karthik is playing a role and actress Aishwarya Devan is also playing a second female lead role in this film.

Story and plot :
               Ashwin played by a dhanush is a happy go lucky  person. Who works in a private Organisation, His collegue , played By Amyra Dastur Falls in love with him the moment  she sees him. Not beign able  to understand how a good looking   girl can fall in love with him so easily. Dhanush doesn't consider  her love seriously.
              Amyra who try to understand the reason behind new found love for dhanush realizes that the relationship with dhanush goes long  way back. Not just in this life, but dhanush end up being her love in previous three lives.
             Amyra also realize that dhanush is her soulmate and hence will always be her lover in her lives that she has been gifted with. Destiny play baddie in this flim as it make sure dhanush and amyra never get a chance to lead  a life together.
              Story from the previous lives has narrated in interesting manner. What happen in each of the previous three lives and most importantly what happen in the current lives  from the rest of the story. 

                “Anegan” stands for “Man in the shadows” which implies the movie story and plot perfectly. After seeing the trailer you would have understood that, the heroine has a disease of imagining things herself and consults the doctor that turned out to be Dhanush, his name is Ashwin (Murugappa, Samuda). Navarasa nayagan “Karthik” plays as a love guru for Dhanush in this movie. Dhanush has almost 4 getup and the heroine has 3 roles in the film.
                 The movie is released today(feb 13th) and already the trailer was a big hit. Dhanga mari oothari song was already a hit and it was exclusively played in sun music which seems mass and local combined together. Shankar Mahadevan, Bhavadharaniand few more leading singers have sung for the tracks and it’s pleasing to hear.

                The movie is also released in UK, US, France and Germany as Dhanush   and       K .V Anand  having huge audience all over the world.  The Anegan movie is also releasing in Telugu as Anekudu, earlier the trailer and audio for the telugu version is released and the Anekudu telugu movie will be released exactly one week later today (ie) on February 20, 2015.

                  Anegan Tamil Review by Critics and Audience Rating :

Positive factors
  •            Dhanush and Amyra Dastur Performance
  •            Story
  •            Cinematography and Visual effects was fabulous and stunning experience
  •            Editing was at the best.
  •            Danga Mari Oodhari Song 

Negative factors:
  •             Screenplay was little failing
  •             K V Anandh style failed little bit.
  •             Kathik had some little role,

  Final Verdict: 
                   Overall, The movie is Worth watching for story, Dhanush acting, songs and stunning visuals, but in some point the screenplay was little failing if you missed to watch it keenly.

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